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HIBACHI Chicken & Steak Entrees

Most entrees are served with soup, salad, vegetable, noodle, hibachi shrimp appetizer, and fried rice or steam rice.

Teriyaki Chicken
Chicken breast prepared with touch of fresh lemon juice

Hibachi Steak*
New York strip prepared with SAMURAI sauce

Filet Mignon*
Filet mignon prepared with SAMURAI sauce

HIBACHI Vegetables Entrees

Hibachi Vegetables Dinner
Assorted fresh vegetable cooked with our sauce

HIBACHI Seafood Entrees

Salmon Steak
Fresh salmon grilled with homemade teriyaki sauce

Shrimp Flambe
Shrimp grilled with hint of lemon, flamed to seal the delicate flavor

Fresh scallops grilled with hint of lemon

The prince of the sea grilled with hint of lemon

Shrimp & Scallops
Delicious combination of shrimp & scallops with hint of lemon

Shrimp or Scallops & Lobster
Fresh lobster tail and shrimp or scallops seasoned with hint of lemon

Lobster, Shrimp & Scallops
Fresh lobster tail, shrimp and scallop flame grilled to seal the flavor

Red Wine

White Wine





HIBACHI Combinations

Hibachi Steak* & Chicken
New York strip and chicken breast grilled to perfection

Hibachi Steak* & Shrimp
New York strip and fresh shrimp grilled to perfection

Hibachi Steak* & Scallops
Delicious combination of New York strip & Scallops with hint of lemon

Shrimp & Chicken
Delicious combination of shrimp & Chicken breast prepared with hint of lemon

Filet Mignon* & Chicken
Filet mignon and chicken breast prepared with our sauce

Filet Mignon* & Shrimp
Filet Mignon and shrimp prepared with our sauce

Filet Mignon* & Scallops
Filet mignon and scallop prepared with our sauce

Filet Mignon* & Lobster
Filet mignon and fresh lobster tail with hint of lemon

SAMURAI Imperial Dinner*
Fresh lobster tail, shrimp and filet mignon seasoned with our sauce


Sushi Platter*
8pcs of nigiri and a California roll

Chef's Special*
12pcs of nigiri and a California roll


Sashimi Platter*
15pcs of assorted sashimi

Chef's Cut*
24pcs of assorted sashimi

Chirashi Sushi

SAMURAI Style Chirashi*
Assorted fish and vegetables

Tataki Tuna Chirashi*
Sliced tataki tuna, sushi rice

Eel Chirashi
BBQ eel, sushi rice

Combination Sushi

Salmon Love*/ Tuna Love*/ White Tuna Love*
3pcs of selected sashimi, 2pcs of selected nigiri, selected maki, selected temaki

Yellowtail Love*
3pcs of yellowtail sashimi, 2pcs of yellowtail nigiri, yellowtail maki, yellow tail temaki

Vegi Love*
Kappa maki, oshinko maki, avocado maki

Spicy Roll Combo*
Spicy tuna roll, Spicy salmon roll, california roll

Sushi & Sashimi Combo*
6pcs of assorted nigiri and 12pcs of assorted sashimi
*This item may be served raw or undercooked(Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness)
**All SAMURAI foods & beverages are subject to be changed or different as described without prior notice